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Distribution Crossarms ______________________


Pennington Crossarm Co. is one of the leading producers of solid-sawn Douglas Fir (DF) and Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) distribution crossarms.  Our plant in Eugene, OR, situated on 15 acres, produces Douglas Fir crossarms and maintains four million board feet of finished, ready to frame inventory at all times.   Much of our DF crossarm stock is supplied from our sawmill, Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc., conveniently located less than a mile from our Eugene operation.  Our  manufacturing facility in Holly Hill, SC, situated on 12 acres, produces SYP crossarms and maintains one million board feet of finished, ready to frame inventory.   With dry kilns located at both facilities, Pennington Crossarm Co. can assure our customers the quality and consistency of grade necessary to meet or exceed industry standards.


Dead End Assembly ___________________________

Pennington's 500 series and 600 series solid-sawn Dead End Assemblies are pre-assembled for easy installation.  The Dead End Assemblies are packaged with pole mounting hardware, braces, washers, nuts, and lock nuts. The pre-assembled Dead Ends are stronger than conventional buckarms, offer better climbing space, and reduce installation costs in the field.  Specialized designs are available upon request.


Transmission Crossarms and Hardware ________________


Pennington Crossarm Co. is capable of supplying solid-sawn transmission crossarms of any size to fit your specific needs in either solid sawn Douglas Fir or laminated Douglas Fir.  To compliment the manufacture of transmission crossarms, Pennington Crossarm Co. produces an excellent line of transmission related braces, end fittings, adjustable spacer fittings, and pole mounting hardware.  All hardware is manufactured from A-36 low carbon, mild, steel and galvanized per ASTM 153 specifications by local subcontractors who are under the constant quality control supervision of Pennington Crossarm Co.  Hardware is factory installed on braces, double arm, and dead end assemblies for ease in the field installation process.


X-Braces __________________________________________________


Pennington Crossarm Co.'s X-Braces are designed to reduce deflection and increase strength of wooden H-Frame or K-Frame structures up through 345kV.  X-Braces also have been used to stabilize and strengthen wooden cellular towers.  Unless otherwise specified, X-Braces come in complete sets with all pole mounting hardware, nuts, bolts, and center clamp assemblies.   All hardware is galvanized per ASTM 153 and manufactured to be static proof.

Knee and Vee Braces _____________________________________


All wooden Knee, Vee, and Alley Arm Braces are manufactured to meet our customers' requirements.  End fittings are manufactured to exact tolerances to insure tight fits depending upon span, drop, and mounting surface.  All end fittings are galvanized per ASTM 153 and manufactured to be static proof.


Ground Wire Moulding ___________________________


Pennington Crossarm Co.'s Ground Wire Moulding (GWM) is manufactured per EEI TD-95 specifications in 8 foot lengths.  Pennington Crossarm Co. also manufactures Douglas Fir and Oak GWM per California GO-95 specifications.  GWM is inventoried for immediate shipment in 25 piece bundles.   GWM can be ordered untreated or treated. 


Treating _______________________________________________

Working closely with our Eugene, OR operation, J.H. Baxter & Co. has proven to be beneficial both from a service standpoint and an awareness of the latest research and availability of new treatments.  Preservative treatments available include Pentachlorophenol (Penta), Creosote, 50-50 mix (Creosote-Penta), Chemonite (ACZA), Copper Napthenate, Chromate Copper Arsenate (CCA), and fire retardant (interior and exterior).  Treatment of Southern Yellow Pine is done with CCA, Penta, or Creosote.


Inspection ______________________________________________


Along with Pennington Crossarm Co.'s own internal inspection process, inspection of finished and treated crossarms is done by independent inspection agencies at our manufacturing plant before treatment and again after treatment at the treating facility.  Inspection reports and assays are furnished upon request.  In addition, Pennington Crossarm Co. is an approved Wood Quality Control (WQC) plant certified by the National Rural Electrification Cooperative Association (NRECA) in 1986.  The WQC program was implemented by the NRECA to ensure the quality of wood products being purchased by REA/RUS borrowers.


For more information, call 866-722-9276  or email info@crossarms.com

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