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Pennington Crossarm Co. uses the following quality

standards and specifications in the manufacturing of our crossarms.

ANSI 05.2 American National Standards Institute Product standard for Structural Glued Laminated Timber for Utility Structures.  This standard covers requirement for manufacturing and quality control of structural glued laminated timber of Coast Region Douglas Fir, Southern Pine, Hem, Fir, and other species of similar treatability for electric power and communications structures.
ANSI 05.3

ANSI Product standard for Solid Sawn-Wood Crossarms and Braces Specifications and Dimensions.

Part I: General requirements
Part II: Douglas Fir: specifications for crossarms and braces
Part III: Dense Southern Pine: specification for crossarms.
This product standard for solid sawn crossarms a
nd braces has basically replaced EEI TD-90, TD-91 , TD-92, and TD-93.

RUS (REA) Bulletin 1728-H-701 REA specifications for Wood Crossarms (solid and laminated), Transmission Timbers, and Pole keys. This standard is used by REA Co-ops, Municipals, PUDs and Government Agencies.
RUS (REA) Bulletin 1728-H-702REA specifications for Quality Control and Inspection of Timber Products. This bulletin describes the responsibilities and procedures pertaining to quality control by the producers and responsibilities for inspection of timber products produced in accordance with REA timber specifications.
RUS (REA) Bulletin 1728-F-800 REA specification for Wood Poles, Stubs, and Anchor Logs.
NRECA WQC The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association administers the Wood Quality Control (WQC) program.  Pennington Crossarm Co. has met and exceeded the stringent production and treatment standards required to be a WQC approved manufacturer.  WQC inspectors visit our plant and make field inspections to verify quality and that the products meet all the requirements of the REA.  Pennington Crossarm Co. has been a WQC approved plant since 1986.
EDISON ELECTRICAL INSTITUTE The following EEI TD specifications are no longer printed or endorsed by the Edison Electric Institute who has turned over specifications to ANSI for review and implementation. These specifications are still used by many utilities and are currently used unless otherwise specified.
EEI TD-90Douglas Fir Distribution crossarm specification.
Dense Southern Pine crossarm specification.
EEI TD-92Douglas Fir transmission specification.
Douglas Fir heavy duty brace specification.
EEI TD-95 Wood Ground Wire moulding specifications.
West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau grading rules for solid sawn Douglas Fir and other species. Transmission crossarms are manufactured under PARA. 169/169a and distribution crossarms under PARA .170/170a by our sawmill and other sawmill suppliers.
Southern Yellow Pine Inspection Bureau standard grading rules. This is the grade specification used by sawmills to produce Southern Yellow Pine crossarm stock.
CSA 0116
Canadian Standard Association for power and communication sawn wood crossarms. These specifications are used for crossarms in Canada.
American Wood Preservers Association. C-25 and C-28 are standards for pressure treating solid sawn and laminated crossarms. Pennington Crossarm Co. crossarms treated with Pentachlorophenol, Creosote, Copper Napthenate, ACZA and CCA meet or exceed these specifications.
American Society for Testing and Materials. These standards are used for quality control on steel and galvanizing of our pole line hardware and fasteners.

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